Teen Sloppy Blow Job Queen Sucking Off

Sloppy Blow Job

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I had no idea what a glory hole was. A Sloppy Blow Job? Sure. I give great head. I like to give head. But a hole in a wall in the pack of a porn shop where guys went usually to suck off other guys was a new thing for me. When I went to the porn store  last week it was my girlfriend Leslie who told me that they had one of those in the back. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I didn’t want to tell her that it made me wet to think about it.

So I spent all week last week thinking about giving a Sloppy Blow Job through that glory hole. I mean, a lot of guys have to go in there pretending that the set of lips around their cocks belongs to a girl, right? How bad would it be to give them a thrill and make it actually be a chick in there servicing their dicks? Well, I went there on Friday and I went inside. See, it’s a dingy little thing, this room has nothing in it but a toilet. The wall and the hole in it actually lead outside so anyone who happens to drive by the back of the shop is gonna see the guys in question humping the wall. I was worried no one would show up.

Well all that worrying was for nothing. guys started showing up alright, and they started showing up in droves. I didn’t only give one sloppy blowjob that night, I ended up sucking about seven dicks before I finally just jerked one off and then left. It was weird because I felt like I couldn’t leave before I got all of the guys off but after about four of them I started to realize that they weren’t gonna stop coming. I had to leave, my throat is still sore but I had a lot of fun.

Spanking Phone Sex Gives Me a Wet Little Pussy

Spanking Phone sex

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spanking phone sex might not be for everyone but it definitely works for this girl right here. To me there’s no bigger show of dominance that a man can do for me but show me exactly what my pretty little place is in the world. When I bend over a knee and I’m forced to lift up my skirt I can’t deny that there’s an unbelievable wave of excitement and arousal that washes over me. It only works right though if the spanking starts out gently. I want to feel the hand slapping my tender young ass softly at first with a little bit of a stern rebuke.

Tell me that I’m a bad little girl and I deserve it. Really make me want it to get worse. If the spanking builds slowly there’s not much I’m going to be able to do during our spanking phone sex call other than cry and beg for more. To me, spanking phone sex is a subtle art that’s lost on a lot of would be spanking phone sex daddies.

That’s why you really can’t be afraid to take this girl by her hair and make her bend over and take the spanking  just as hard as you want to give it. If the right kind of build up is there I can take anything that you can dish out. Whether you want to hit me with a paddle, or a belt, or even your bare hand I can handle it.

Though I will let you know that this girl definitely has had a growing fascination with floggers. I would love to explore this fascination more in some of my spanking phone sex calls if you don’t mind going there with me. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that sir. Call me.

Firecracker Kat: spanking phonesex
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Piledriving My Wet Teen Pussy

My Wet Teen PussySince I got to college I have had a wet teen pussy. Sure, I made the promise to Daddy that I’d remain a promise ring girl but that ring gut hung up on the wall when I took down my spurs and turned into a wild party cowgirl. No, I don’t mean a cowgirl. I mean a girl that will ride anything that feels like it’ll put some power between my legs. My wet teen pussy is one that a lot of boys want to play around in and that’s wonderful too. I like all of the attention. I like to go to a party and see all of the heads turn toward me.


Of course I don’t really fuck every guy that wants to screw me. If I did that then I’d never stop fucking. Some of these guys I lead on. I mean, I know I shouldn’t do that, be a cocktease? It’s just so much fun though. You watch a guy get so horny when you start showing him a little ass and talking all sweetly and he turns from a big tough man to a grunting caveman in a matter of seconds. It should make me feel badly but it doesn’t.

There’s just no excuse for it. My wet teen pussy is a treat that I want to share with people that deserve it. The thing is that the people who I think really deserve it aren’t necessarily the ones who spoil and pamper me the most. Some of them are the ones who treat me like a skanky little bitch and want to give me dick anyway. There’s no guaranteed formula that’ll get you laid with me I don’t think. I don’t even fuck only guys I think are hot. I’ve been riding one of the geeky boys  until the summer break. It all depends on what you’ve got in your mind.

Spanking Phonesex in Wet White Cotton Panties

spanking phonesex

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He always calls me for spanking phonesex on friday nights. I await my anticipated Friday night spanking with a wet pussy!  Both of us wait all week for this intense, and much needed spanking phonesex session. He loves me to wear my little school girl outfit with ruffled white cotton panties. He had me prance around as he watched and complemented my outfit and my pig tails but then it was time to get to what he called for spanking phonesex.

Daddy grabbed me for a little hairbrush action immediately putting me over his knees and pulling my pretty ruffled panties down just below my but cheeks. He immediately began spanking his little girl. I screamed and cried and he assured me as long as he heard my cry the spanking would not end. My tight little bare pussy got wetter and wetter and I quieter and quieter with each stroke of the hairbrush.

When silent tears were streaming down my face and my bottom was bright wet and welted he decided my bottom needed another kind of punishment. He told me to reach back behind me and pull my ass cheeks apart.  I did and he filled my butthole with his big fingers.  first one then, two and finally settling on on three. He fucked my ass roughly then replaced his fingers with a large, lubed butt plug.

Just as I thought I was gonna make a mess in my white cotton panties he made me stand and gave me the wedgie treatment, making me pull my panties up high until they were sticking to my wetness, forcing the buttplug into me and rubbing against my clitty.

He then told me to get on my knees before him as he sat on the ofa and then extended his leg, keeping it bent ever so slightly then ordered me to hump his leg like the bitch in heat I was. I started humping my weggied pussy against his rough jeans tentatively as he undid his pants letting his engorged cock flop into my face as his fist wrapped in my hair forcing it into my mouth.

God I look forward to his spanking phonesex calls.

By the time we are done with the spanking phonesex session I have cum dozens of times!


spanking phonesex

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Teen Phone Sex Princess Humiliates Klismaphiles

teen phone sex madeline humiliates youSo I was surfing all through the internet with one of my teen phone sex callers and came across this list of fetishes and found this one.  Apparently some guys like to get enmas for sexual pleasure! Thats sooo fucking weird and gross. Yeah, that for nasty bitches like the guys who call my teen phone sex line to be dominated.  They are all gross fuckers too and I tell them so!  The hilarious part is they love it! Worst part is these freaks are like historical.


I read that some famous guys I though were respectable like this.Check this out, it seems that those who have a Klismaphilia fetish are in notorious company both Lyndon Johnson and Hitler were known klismaphiles.  Hitler liked to get filled up to the rim with chamomile tea and beleive it or not  LBJ,  was not only into getting enemas but was a bit of an exhibitionist about it! He liked to  get filled  while speaking to journalists and staff, for real!  Lydon was known to always  have a “secretary” that could not type on staff whose job it was to prepare and administer his enmas. Can anyone say eww? And these were world leaders?


Wow, is all I can say.  You want to know exactly what a freak you are, I will tell you all about yourself if you call my teen phone sex like with this one.  How gross can you be? Now if you actually want this done, I don’t even know anyone that gross to send you too!  You are certainly not gonna find any teen phone sex girls who think you are anything but nasty! No matter how famous the freaks before you were! I will humiliate the shit out of you though.  No pun intended!

And that’s all I have to say about that!


A Morning Sloppy Blow Job Story

Sloppy Blow Job

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Any man you talk to will tell you that they love a Sloppy Blow Job. Hot lips, spit, tongues worshipping their dick. That’s a recipe for a well-satisfied man. I learned pretty early on when dealing with guys that dirty head is the way to go when you really want to make their day. I have a theory. Men are keeping score. They might not seem like it sometimes but they really do count the number of times they get specific sex acts out of whatever girl they are with. Then, like collectors they take those numbers right to their friends.


Most men like head so much that they won’t turn it down even in their sleep. In fact, doing a little research I found out that a morning blowjob is one of the top fantasies. Its right up there with naughty schoolgirls and bad teachers. I was sleeping with this guy once, actually sleeping. We hadn’t ever fucked before. He was my friend but one night he told me that he couldn’t just be friends with me and he didn’t want to put me on the spot in making me feel like I was obligated to start to fuck him.

Well one day I decided to finally throw his bone a Sloppy Blow Job right in the morning. He was asleep on the couch and I just went to town on his dick and balls. He didn’t wake up at first, which kind of surprised me and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t expecting it but his dick knew what to do even without the owner being present. It got so hard so fast and when I got a good look at it for the first time I have to say, wow.

I’ve Been The Naughty Babysitter

Naughty Babysitter

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I’ve role played it before, sure but I never thought that I would get the chance to play the naughty babysitter in real life. Ever. Sometimes I babysit for money but I never actually get to see the man of the house. Last week it was different though. The guy that lived in the house was pretty young, may thirty something and he got home early and the house was empty except for us, the baby was upstairs and sleeping. When he started making a move on me I didn’t know what to do at first. Sure he was hot and everything but what would happen if we got caught in the act? God, that would have been terrible. Clearly though, he must have realized my weakness for older men because eventually all of his groaning and kissing my ears (my ultimate sweet spot) had me panting and wanting him more than anything.

Then he was the one who said it first. “Are you ready to be the naughty babysitter?” he said.

I almost laughed. I couldn’t help it. I was so surprised to hear him use those words that it just sort of bubbled up but thankfully I’ve learned to hide my laughing thanks to you guys. (little dick men make me giggle) I played it off as a moan and finally just nodded. Oh my god his dick was huge. He tore up my naughty babysitter pussy like it stole something and I have to say that his big cock really does some good work. I’m almost jealous of his wife but I don’t think that he fucks her like that any more. He must save it all to fuck the shit out of barely legal girls. Not that I’m complaining. I can hardly wait until I get to again.

Baby Girl: naughty babysitter
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A Spanking to Remember


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All of my daddies know I’m a bad girl. A bad girl needs a spanking once in awhile to remind her what she did wrong. I don’t think that the spanking ever really helps me be better in the end though. I’m always just as raunchy a slut as I’ve always been. One of my daddies had a fleshlight though and I decided that it would be a good idea to laugh at him about it. I mean, come on… can you blame me? I thought that a fleshlight was for a guy who can’t get real pussy. How was I supposed to know that Daddy liked fake pussy as well as he liked real tight teen pussy?

I honestly didn’t mean to make him mad. I didn’t even think he would say anything about it. I was sort of just making a joke but he got this serious look in his eyes and he told me to bend over the arm of the couch. I was kind of excited and so when he lifted my skirt and stared whipping my ass I really couldn’t help but get even hornier. I’m a dirty whore and I like it that way. He spanked both of my ass cheeks until they were red and swollen. Then he told me that he was going to fuck me.

If I’d have known that making fun of Daddy’s fleshlight would get me a hard spanking then I would have done it sooner honestly. He can give it to me a whole lot better when he’s a little bit angry with me and I like the way he feels when his hips are bouncing against my already sore bottom. I wonder if he’ll do it again if I make the same “mistake” though. I mean, he has to be a little self-concious about it.

Ageplay Phonesex Princess Speaks


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I’m not going to lie. I thought ageplay was gross for a really long time. The idea of a guy or a girl on either role of a sexual encounter being way older or younger than the other was an idea that was something I was unable to get my head around. Even when people asked for it in roleplay I was always jut like “ew.” That thought didn’t last though. It just took the right fantasy. When I got a little more experience with phonesex I realized how much fun the fantasies can be. So what was it that changed my mind? I’ll tell you.


Three months ago I got a call from a guy named Donnie. Donnie works as a professor at a college far away from the one that I go to. But it gave us something to talk about. He didn’t even tell me that he was into ageplay at first. I just thought he was a lonely dude that wanted to talk to a young hot girl about things. I didn’t know that he was spending all of that time getting to know me and knowing what makes me tick. I should have known better, he teaches psychology. He was telling me things about himself too. Really getting in deep.


As the time we talked went on he started to confess to me that he was into ageplay but by the time he did I really thought I knew him. I really was comfortable with the idea that he had for a fantasy too. He wanted to make me his little princess and fuck me after class and take me to nice dinners and things. That’s what I wanted all along. I didn’t want to be some little slut that people throw away but now I can do that too. Thanks to Donnie. Thank you Daddy, I appreciate it.

The Teen Seductress Who Fucked Your Husband

Teen Seductress

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Dear, Frigid Bitch


I am the teen seductress who you caught fucking your husband last week. I have thought about how I should write this letter since then. I didn’t know if I should be apologetic or glad that it happened. I didn’t know if I’d beg you for another crack at his dick or just to go away and leave me alone. I finally decided that I’m not going to do any of those things and let you know how it happened. One, it’s not entirely his fault. I am a teen seductress for awhile now and I know just what kind of pressure you have to apply to a man (most of it is to his balls) to get a married man into bed with me. I will say that a lot of it is your fault though. I take responsibility for what I did but I think you need to have the truth laid down for you too. I’m just trying to help.


I didn’t mean to be his teen seductress at first. You live two streets over. its not like I’d see him every morning when he jogged by but the first time he saw me in my pajamas I knew he was going to be back over and over again. When I fucked him it wasn’t to get you back, he was fucking me because you never ever fuck him. I had to hear all kinds of horror stories about how you never once played with his balls and dick. You never touched him, shit he told me that you hadn’t given him a single sloppy blowjob since before you were married. So yeah, I’m a teen seductress but you’re a bitch. Fuck your man and maybe he won’t fuck around with barely legal ass.


Sincerely yours,


Your husband’s cock sock.

Jana: teen Seductress
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