Dirty Cum Slut Gives a Sloppy Blow Job

Julia gives a sloppy blow job

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I’m so horny tonight and there’s nothing I would like more than to get down on my knees and wrap my hands around that delicious looking cock stroking it gently and then guiding it into my mouth and giving you the best Sloppy Blow Job you have ever had.

So many women, of the ones who are even willing to deign to put a cock in their mouths think that sucking dick is something you must be prim and proper to do, never letting even a little spit drip out of their mouth and constantly swallowing.  Now, while swallowing during a  blow job and right at the end is not a bad thing, in fact is a great thing if you aren’t just doing it because you are embarrassed by a little spit or think he will think less of you because of it being dirty, you are WRONG. Guys like it dirty.  They like it nasty, they want a nasty slut to suck their dick.  they want a Sloppy Blow Job they do not want prim and proper, they can get that anywhere, they want it filthy.  They want your spit dripping down your chin and all over your tits! A Sloppy Blow Job is the best blow job!

Thats what makes my blow jobs the best.  I get down, I get nasty and love a good throat fucking.  Wrap your fist in my hair and turn me into your perfect little cunt face. Make me gag and drool all over that cock.  Force me to give me your ultimate Sloppy Blow Job and o promise my pussy will get all the wetter for it.

Call me and I will make your dick jerk and spasm in my throat.  I will give you the Sloppy Blow Job you have always dreamed of. mmm, fuck my throat baby.



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Barely Legal Ass Eaten By Old Man

Barely Legal

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It’s no secret that I’m a barely legal slut. All of the guys around campus will tell you that. I love to suck, fuck, get fucked, and pretty much explore all of my kinky secrets out in the world. I got out of Daddy’s house and basically I ran wild. I meet a lot of guys that want to play around with my backdoor. They like it, I like it, and it’s a perfect situation for me. I also like to fuck older men. Oh my god, they really know what they are fucking doing. Still, I never really fucked a really old man until about a week ago.

It came as a shock to me. See, I volunteer in a nursing home sometimes. This guy as like 75 years old and he talks so nice to me all the time. Sometimes he tells me stories about when he was younger and asks me about my boyfriends and things. He’s not a bad looking guy either. He’s really refined and reads a lot so he is a lot different than a lot of the guys I’ve been with. If you would have asked me if I thought he as into barely legal I would have probably laughed until he made it pretty clear that he wanted me.

Well, I was wrong. He came out and told me that he wanted to fuck me last Tuesday. I didn’t know what to do. for one, I didn’t know if it was okay to fuck a patient. It’s not but hey, I’m a slut. For two, I wanted to fuck him pretty badly. I mean, I’ve given him a sponge bath and the guy has a huge dick. He told me  to climb up onto the bed and sit on his face. I did. He started Frenching my asshole like it was made out of gold. I never came so hard. Ever.

Barely Legal Seduction: Hot for Teacher

barely legalI don’t mean to be a barely legal seductress. What I knew about sex you could have counted on one hand. The thing that I knew about me from the start was that I liked older men. My history professor was no exception. I don’t think he was into the barely legal thing when I sunk my claws into him. Jesus, I make it sound like I’m this predatory little bitch that needed to get some cock. It wasn’t like that at all. It was sexy is what it was. All of those tutoring sessions, in a group no less, I could feel his eyes on me. It was like there was no one else in the room.

It eventually got the better of us both. At least that’s what I think. One night I caught him in his office alone and he confessed to me that he had been thinking of me in a way that was decidedly unprofessional. At least he had the good sense to say right from the start that he wasn’t planning on acting on those things. He didn’t know me all that well and truthfully, any idea that I thought I had gleaned of who he was as a person was through observation of him in that same professional environment. He wasn’t married though and he’d never had any kids of his own. He was just devoted to learning history and teaching people. He was also drop dead gorgeous.

Well, one thing did lead to another when I admitted that I just wanted him to fuck me. it was going to be a barely legal fling. I knew that. He knew that. We just needed to get it out of our system and we did. At least six times that first night and the whole time I was in his class. When I came back this last year he was not at all interested in continuing and I don’t think that I was either. We had both moved on from what was a good thing for both of us. But he planted a seed of it in me. I still love older men and the stuff he taught me has been a big help in exploring for myself.

Naughty Babysitter: The Teen Seductress

teen seductress Tiffany

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As your teen seductress I will stand in front of you in my short school uniform. I make you visibly nervous and you are unable to meet my eyes even as I can see the bulge rising in your slacks. You have wanted me for so long and now, having here in front of you you can’t quite believe that I am presenting myself to you. Entrancing you, mesmerizing you making your dreams of me as a teen seductress come true. My role as the babysitter you wanted to fuck is about to change isn’t it? I am about to own you even as you inch closer and closer.

I lift my short skirt and you can see my white cotton panties beneath. So white, so pure and unblemished, like me. You have wanted me to be this, this teen seductress for so long that to have it actually happen right here in your kitchen makes you ache with desire.  I back up to the cabinet, looking shy and a bit timid.  You are terrified I will change my mind.

I put my hands on the counter and hop up on it.  Sitting on the cabinet, i spread my legs do you can see my sweet young pussy concealed in my white panties. You kneel down breath my sweet pussy as images of doing me while your wife is at the grocery store or in your car while we pick the kids up in school flash in your brain. In your haste to pull my panties aside and taste my sweet pussy you never look up to see the satisfied smile on my face.

You lick and probe my bare virgin pussy with your tongue finding my pleasure button quickly and bring me to orgasm quickly. With my pussy juice dripping from your chin you shand and unhook your belt and unzip your pants, your huge hard cock pointing directly at my pussy and you say, “This is going to hurt…”

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Spanking Phonesex Makes Me So Horny

Spanking Phonesex

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Asian girls love spanking phonesex as much as anyone else. When I tell guys that I’m into spanking phonesex sometimes they don’t know what to do. I don’t really know why that is either. Maybe it’s some kind of instilled respect thing but I blame that on an overbearing mother. If you’re a mama’s boy who can’t get over it then it’s probably best that you move on. I need a firm older man who isn’t afraid to give me the hard spanking phonesex that I want and need. If I tell you how bad I’ve been will you let me know how bad I need a spanking? I have been bad of course sir, I need your spanking phonesex punishment. I need to be punished so that I can be a good girl again. Don’t you want me to be a good girl for you? Imagine what I could do.

spanking phonesex is a dark fantasy but it is a taboo I love. I want to feel your hand across my ass. My young pretty ass. Don’t you want to feel how firm it is? Don’t you want to see how red it gets when you spank it over and over? don’t you want to make me cry a little during our spanking phonesex call? Don’t leave me hanging sir, I’m so horny for you right now. This might be the perfect time to get all of the barely legal Asian ass that you wanted. You can use your spanking phonesex to turn me into your favorite phone slut, think about it. I don’t explore my submissive side with just anyone but a quick key into my panties is some hard spanking phonesex. There’s something so humiliatingly delicious about the idea of being bent over your knee that gets me horny.

Asian Aya: spanking phonesex
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Your Horny Teen Slut Is Ready To Fuck


teen slut and proud! Ever since I grew tits I see the way that men look at me now. I know that they want a piece of this and I’m ready to give it to them. I know that it’s dirty and it’s more than a little bit wrong but the more I know a guy is unavailable the more I want to get into his pants. If I find out you’re married, it’s on. I don’t care if your wife is in the next room. She’d never suspect that the teen babysitter is really down on her knees and ready to give her husband the best sloppy blowjob that he’s gotten in his life. Well, at least for a while anyway.


It’s hard to explain but I’m always horny. All the time I’m thinking about how I could get bent over fucked and cummed into, onto, and all over. Seriously It’s becoming distracting. When I’m sitting in class and I’m looking at my teacher’s package it’s clear that I need you to call and get my teen pussy off hard so I can think about your cock instead.


I know that I’m a horny teen because every time I see the mail man’s wedding ring I think about jumping his bones and letting him really deliver a package the way I want him to. Does it make me a naughty teen vixen? Yes. Am I bad because of it? Definitely. But I’m the kind of teen slut that you’ve certainly always fantasized about and I’m waiting right now to hear from you. Remember the key word here if you really want to get me going. “I’m married.” Oh yes, I can already feel my pussy lips glistening wet in my little pink panties. Do you want to feel, touch, or taste? Yes please taste. You taste me and then I’ll taste you!

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Teen Sloppy Blow Job Queen Sucking Off

Sloppy Blow Job

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I had no idea what a glory hole was. A Sloppy Blow Job? Sure. I give great head. I like to give head. But a hole in a wall in the pack of a porn shop where guys went usually to suck off other guys was a new thing for me. When I went to the porn store  last week it was my girlfriend Leslie who told me that they had one of those in the back. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I didn’t want to tell her that it made me wet to think about it.

So I spent all week last week thinking about giving a Sloppy Blow Job through that glory hole. I mean, a lot of guys have to go in there pretending that the set of lips around their cocks belongs to a girl, right? How bad would it be to give them a thrill and make it actually be a chick in there servicing their dicks? Well, I went there on Friday and I went inside. See, it’s a dingy little thing, this room has nothing in it but a toilet. The wall and the hole in it actually lead outside so anyone who happens to drive by the back of the shop is gonna see the guys in question humping the wall. I was worried no one would show up.

Well all that worrying was for nothing. guys started showing up alright, and they started showing up in droves. I didn’t only give one sloppy blowjob that night, I ended up sucking about seven dicks before I finally just jerked one off and then left. It was weird because I felt like I couldn’t leave before I got all of the guys off but after about four of them I started to realize that they weren’t gonna stop coming. I had to leave, my throat is still sore but I had a lot of fun.

Spanking Phone Sex Gives Me a Wet Little Pussy

Spanking Phone sex

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spanking phone sex might not be for everyone but it definitely works for this girl right here. To me there’s no bigger show of dominance that a man can do for me but show me exactly what my pretty little place is in the world. When I bend over a knee and I’m forced to lift up my skirt I can’t deny that there’s an unbelievable wave of excitement and arousal that washes over me. It only works right though if the spanking starts out gently. I want to feel the hand slapping my tender young ass softly at first with a little bit of a stern rebuke.

Tell me that I’m a bad little girl and I deserve it. Really make me want it to get worse. If the spanking builds slowly there’s not much I’m going to be able to do during our spanking phone sex call other than cry and beg for more. To me, spanking phone sex is a subtle art that’s lost on a lot of would be spanking phone sex daddies.

That’s why you really can’t be afraid to take this girl by her hair and make her bend over and take the spanking  just as hard as you want to give it. If the right kind of build up is there I can take anything that you can dish out. Whether you want to hit me with a paddle, or a belt, or even your bare hand I can handle it.

Though I will let you know that this girl definitely has had a growing fascination with floggers. I would love to explore this fascination more in some of my spanking phone sex calls if you don’t mind going there with me. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that sir. Call me.

Firecracker Kat: spanking phonesex
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Piledriving My Wet Teen Pussy

My Wet Teen PussySince I got to college I have had a wet teen pussy. Sure, I made the promise to Daddy that I’d remain a promise ring girl but that ring gut hung up on the wall when I took down my spurs and turned into a wild party cowgirl. No, I don’t mean a cowgirl. I mean a girl that will ride anything that feels like it’ll put some power between my legs. My wet teen pussy is one that a lot of boys want to play around in and that’s wonderful too. I like all of the attention. I like to go to a party and see all of the heads turn toward me.


Of course I don’t really fuck every guy that wants to screw me. If I did that then I’d never stop fucking. Some of these guys I lead on. I mean, I know I shouldn’t do that, be a cocktease? It’s just so much fun though. You watch a guy get so horny when you start showing him a little ass and talking all sweetly and he turns from a big tough man to a grunting caveman in a matter of seconds. It should make me feel badly but it doesn’t.

There’s just no excuse for it. My wet teen pussy is a treat that I want to share with people that deserve it. The thing is that the people who I think really deserve it aren’t necessarily the ones who spoil and pamper me the most. Some of them are the ones who treat me like a skanky little bitch and want to give me dick anyway. There’s no guaranteed formula that’ll get you laid with me I don’t think. I don’t even fuck only guys I think are hot. I’ve been riding one of the geeky boys  until the summer break. It all depends on what you’ve got in your mind.

Spanking Phonesex in Wet White Cotton Panties

spanking phonesex

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He always calls me for spanking phonesex on friday nights. I await my anticipated Friday night spanking with a wet pussy!  Both of us wait all week for this intense, and much needed spanking phonesex session. He loves me to wear my little school girl outfit with ruffled white cotton panties. He had me prance around as he watched and complemented my outfit and my pig tails but then it was time to get to what he called for spanking phonesex.

Daddy grabbed me for a little hairbrush action immediately putting me over his knees and pulling my pretty ruffled panties down just below my but cheeks. He immediately began spanking his little girl. I screamed and cried and he assured me as long as he heard my cry the spanking would not end. My tight little bare pussy got wetter and wetter and I quieter and quieter with each stroke of the hairbrush.

When silent tears were streaming down my face and my bottom was bright wet and welted he decided my bottom needed another kind of punishment. He told me to reach back behind me and pull my ass cheeks apart.  I did and he filled my butthole with his big fingers.  first one then, two and finally settling on on three. He fucked my ass roughly then replaced his fingers with a large, lubed butt plug.

Just as I thought I was gonna make a mess in my white cotton panties he made me stand and gave me the wedgie treatment, making me pull my panties up high until they were sticking to my wetness, forcing the buttplug into me and rubbing against my clitty.

He then told me to get on my knees before him as he sat on the ofa and then extended his leg, keeping it bent ever so slightly then ordered me to hump his leg like the bitch in heat I was. I started humping my weggied pussy against his rough jeans tentatively as he undid his pants letting his engorged cock flop into my face as his fist wrapped in my hair forcing it into my mouth.

God I look forward to his spanking phonesex calls.

By the time we are done with the spanking phonesex session I have cum dozens of times!


spanking phonesex

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